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Javi Guembe

Javi Guembe

Who am I?

  • Helping businesses achieve their goals

    Through WordPress and online marketing, thanks to my own company, UniversoSM.

  • Brand Ambassador for Sirvelia

    I'm also a Brand Ambassador for Sirvelia, sponsors of WordCamp Europe, and I'll be attending WordCamp Europe 2023 as part of their team to meet WordPress enthusiasts from Europe and around the world.

  • Open to Collaborate

    I know every part of WordPress businesses: programming, plugins, sales, marketing, localization... I can assist international companies with their expansion into the Hispanic market and localization efforts.


I’ve been using WordPress since its inception, mainly implementing solutions for more than 300 projects. I collaborate with the WordPress community as a speaker/volunteer at local and national conferences, meetups, and workshops. Whenever I can find the time, I contribute to the WordPress project through translations, improving documentation, and helping out in support forums.

We have two brands 100% focused on WordPress, providing daily solutions to dozens of clients.

My skills include: goal-oriented focus, dedication to client projects, implementation, programming, and more…

I also wear other hats: I’m a real-life author of the Spanish version of Twitter for Dummies and we do SEO services.

What can I do for you?

Don’t hesitate to let me know that you’ve seen this bio, and feel free to tell me anything you’d like. Feel free to reach out beforehand if you prefer.

My WordPress knowledge:
I have experience with basic, intermediate, and advanced projects. I’m skilled in optimizing and securing WordPress websites and have knowledge of related technologies, such as PHP, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. My day-to-day revolves around the WordPress ecosystem: Gutenberg, WooCommerce, Elementor, and more. We maintain dozens of WordPress projects, keeping them updated in terms of systems, security, updates, content, and technical improvements.

My interests in WordCamp Europe:

My goals at WordCamp Europe:

Contact me

You can reach out to me on Twitter: @javiG and @javiG_en are my handles.

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